Principato di Lucedio Rices

The classic dish of risotto is alleged to have originated somewhere in Milano. One thing is certain, the finest rice in Italy originates in the Po River Valley. Of all those, the rice grown on the grounds of the 12th century Cistercian Abbey at Principato di Lucedio is second to none. The soil, water, and growing conditions combined with years of expertise, carefully attended harvesting and proper storage, ensure an unsurpassed level of quality. The rice is grown in the flood plains surrounding the estate, fed by melting Alpine water, and harvested once a year. This is single-estate, harvest-dated, and fresh—the rice is kept in the hull until just before shipping to ensure optimal flavor and humidity. This is as close to the field as you can get.

Arborio – RC02 – 22lbs

The best known of the superfino rice, with a high starch content that is slowly released, perfectly pillowy when cooked. Try this free recipe! 

Carnaroli – RC23 – 22lbs

Considered the King of Italian rice, Carnaroli kernels are the longest and thickest of the superfino rice. The thick grain makes it extremely absorbent while maintaining an al dente chew even after cooking. Try this free recipe! 

Vialone Nano – RC43 – 22 lbs

The short, semifino grains of Vialone Nano pair perfectly with flavors from the sea. It is a favorite of coastal Veneto, where it is usually served with squid ink. Try this free recipe!

Venere Nero “Black Rice” – RC120 – 22lbs

A hybrid of the Chinese Black Rice and a local Italian variety. The rice has a rich nutty flavor and a striking color. Try this free recipe!