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Dave Page

By August 1, 2018June 10th, 2021Featured Chefs
Chef Dave Page

The cuisine of Chef David Page has been a major influencer in the Bay Area food and wine scene for a quarter century. Chef Page’s quest for the best ingredients and his command of cooking fundamentals paired with passion and creativity are at the heart of his reputation.

Chef Page’s private caterings and culinary adventures will thrill your guests with innovative menus, locally sourced organic ingredients, painstaking technique, and beautiful presentations.

David’s expertise in both food and in wine is evident in his 27-year resume; wine pairing is a source of inspiration for his menus and innovative use of ingredients. He has developed and operated culinary programs and offerings for many local wineries, including Mirassou, La Rochelle, J Lohr, Savannah-Chanelle, and Testarossa.

David has consulted with and created original menus and recipes for many successful Bay Area restaurants. He has collaborated with Bay Area restaurant icon Don Durante (Le Mouton Noir, Cin-Cin, Birk’s, Black Sheep Bistro), to open the Mountain View tapas-style institution Cascal. Later, Chef Page joined forces with Maurizio and Giuseppe Carrubba to create the South Bay’s premiere catering company, Just Catering. Artisan breads and baked goods have always been a pillar of the Chef Page dining experience; he built a full- service bakery, which supplied Just Catering with all of its breads and pastries.  Chef Page has also cooked regularly at Stanford’s Hoover Institute for former Secretary of States George Shultz and Condoleezza Rice.

Chef Page is currently a consulting executive chef at historic GrandView Restaurant and GrandView Farms, helping to create the first “earth-to-table” dining experience in San Jose. He is also on the executive consulting team at Osteria Toscana in Palo Alto, working to create seasonal specials.

“I have worked as an executive chef for numerous wineries, opened and consulted for restaurants and catering companies in the Bay Area for the last 28 years. I have worked with hundreds of different suppliers. Many come and go. I have done business with pacific gourmet for the last 28 years. The quality, and incredible selection of products they have make them indispensable for me. Their staff is responsive, professional and many have been there as long as I have been using them. They really feel like family.” – Chef Dave Page