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Don’t Shoot the Messenger!

By April 21, 2021June 10th, 2021Industry News

As we start to crawl out of our caves, the last thing the hospitality industry needs is an increase in the cost of ingredients and materials. Sadly, that’s what’s happening now and will continue into in the near future.


The most immediate impact has been the cost of shipping, particularly in international trade. The cost of shipping a container of goods from Europe to the U.S. has nearly doubled and is going to rise further in the short term. Along with the uptick in rates importers are now being assessed an extra $1000 for an “Equipment Imbalance Surcharge”. This is Covid related and due to the surplus of containers that arrive full of product primarily from China and their need to be returned whether full or empty. This return rate is even worse for China to U.S. imports. This and a shortage of vessels has caused weeks long delays in departures and arrivals. On top of all this, many suppliers are just now ramping up production to meet increasing demand and finding that packaging materials are hard to secure. Unfortunately, even in a pandemic the rule of supply and demand still applies.


For those of us whose business has been hugely affected by the months of closures, we cannot now just sit and wait for prices to improve. But, improve they should and will as more people are vaccinated and the markets regain some equilibrium. We’ve been in this business for nearly forty years, so do ask us about more affordable but acceptable alternatives to pricier products. We’re all close to seeing this through so hang on in there.



The Pacific Gourmet Crew

April, 2021