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Jacob Town

By June 30, 2017June 10th, 2021Featured Chefs
Jacob Town PacGourmet

Jacob Town got his start in a small Oregon community washing dishes at Hot Peppers restaurant. As a young man, his Mother’s lack of skill in the kitchen pushed him closer to his career as a Chef.

Knowing he would have to earn the title of “Chef” he spent the following fifteen years creating a foundation of excellence. With roots tied in Central Coast favorites such as The Cracked Crab and Edna Valley Bistro, Jacob longed to strengthen his knowledge and skill.

This knowledge flowed freely on the streets of San Francisco where Jacob earned his degree from the California Culinary Academy. This program allowed Jacob to make connections that would shape his future, leading to a position with Ken Frank at La Toque in Napa Valley. From the Napa Valley, he moved back to San Francisco where Jacob was able to explore the most luxurious ingredients in the world at restaurants such as Gary Danko, Spruce, and RN74. While fine dining heightened his skill set, he enjoyed cooking with simple outcomes.  

Jacob immersed himself in everything local, utilizing the diverse offerings of the Bay Area. Taking this fresh approach allowed him to become the executive chef of a neighborhood restaurant called Piccino. Here he was able to experience an open kitchen and focus on the feedback of his community.

Today, Jacob owns The Spoon Trade in Grover Beach with his wife Brooke. Together they source the highest quality ingredients and push to create excellent dining experiences for their community.

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  • Lynn Parks says:

    Having eaten Chef’s Jacob’s food at The Spoon Trade more time than I can count, I can say, without reservation, that TST is my first choice for eating out. Thank goodness they’re open for lunch now!! Truly, the best restaurant ever (and I’ve eaten at a lot of places in the US, UK, and France).