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Nico & Amelia Monday

By January 3, 2019June 10th, 2021Featured Chefs
Nico & Amelia Monday


Nico & Amelia Monday

Professional Websites:

What are some of your favorite Pacific Gourmet products?:

Olive oils, vinegars, and caviar.

Why do you enjoy working with Pacific Gourmet?:

I love the family behind it!

Do you have a recipe to share with the PG community?

Spice-Braised Gingered Eggplant with Mint Yogurt


“Nico Monday grew up in Alice Waters’ kitchen at Chez Panisse surrounded by inspiring chefs and farmers changing the way the community thought about food. Years later, when Amelia came to work in the kitchen at Chez, the two fell in love and cooked together for six years before heading east to return to Amelia’s hometown of Gloucester.

Finding a waterfront rental, they set up shop in the kitchen of a building that had lived on pilings in Lobster Cove for almost 100 years and spent time as an ice cream shop, a fish market, and a breakfast joint. The first year, Nico & Amelia cooked with the ingredients Nico’s younger brother, Oliver, had foraged from surrounding farms who were starting up around the same time, building relationships with the local farmers and bringing incredible seasonal vegetables into the kitchen’s ever-changing menu.  Both Nico and Amelia’s brothers served alongside other family and close friends for that first summer as an experimental seasonal restaurant. Since then, we’ve become part of the Annisquam community and made ourselves at home in Lobster Cove surrounded by neighbors who appreciate eating well.

In 2014 Nico & Amelia joined forces with friends Matt & Howie to open Short & Main, our wood-fired pizza sister restaurant, in downtown Gloucester.

Nico & Amelia brought on Sheila Jarnes as their General Manager in the 9th season. She’s worked at The Market since 2012 and brings diverse experience having worked both front and back of house here, as well as at Short & Main. In 2014 Sheila took a 5-month long pilgrimage to intern in the kitchen at Chez Panisse, gaining a deeper understanding of the foundation from which Nico & Amelia have proudly built The Market Restaurant. When she’s not working at the restaurants, Sheila works as a professional food stylist for the Boston Globe Magazine.

Alexis Harwood is in her second season as the Beverage Director. She got her start early in the wine world, growing up in her grandfather’s wine shop. Building on over fifteen years of fine dining experience in Manhattan and Western Mass, she has settled in on Cape Ann to thoughtfully curate our rotating craft beer and sustainable wine list.

Every May we perch ourselves on Lobster Cove, awaiting the arrival of our new and returning guests—a sundry of devoted locals and seasonal residents.

We have continued to work tirelessly to cook with exceptional ingredients and partner with small farmers, fisheries, ranchers, and bakeries who are producing food the way it should be: local, seasonal, and sustainable.”