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Renisa Satrijo

By June 1, 2018June 10th, 2021Featured Chefs
Renisa Satrijo

Renisa Satrijo wakes up each day and feels lucky to be immersed in the artisanal ice cream world. Six years ago, she made a leap from a career in the healthcare industry to starting her company, Sugar Mama Desserts, and has never looked back. Renisa handcrafts small-batch ice cream using the best ingredients and the freshest fruits. In 2013, she earned a silver medal in the Wisconsin Dairy Competition for her Vanilla Bean flavor. Her signature Fresh Strawberry ice cream contains half a pound of local, organic strawberries in every pint. She has created over 70 classic and unique ice cream flavors. She caters to various companies and private events around the SF Bay Area and sells her ice cream each Saturday at the Downtown Sunnyvale Farmer’s Market.

Renisa developed her passion for ice cream as a girl growing up in Santa Clarita, California enjoying premium American ice cream with her mother. She is delighted when customers tell her that a flavor, ex. Saffron Rosewater Pistachio reminds them of happy childhood memories. A few Southeast Asian flavors like Fresh Avocado or Fresh Pandan are crossover hits with other groups and this gives her much gratification. Renisa feels most excited when she can put her own spin on traditional flavors from India, ex. Her Guava Lava and Fig Orange Walnut flavors have been met with ooohs and ahhhhs from her customers. The most fun part of her job is curating a perfect menu for each catered event and making educated guesses on what flavors the different demographics will enjoy the most.

Not only does Renisa like the personalized attention she receives from Pacific Gourmet, but she loves being able to sample and give feedback on the many innovative products that Pacific Gourmet gathers from around the world.

Renisa Satrijo, Chief Sugar Mama of Sugar Mama Desserts