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We have assembled an inventory that reflects the irresistible trend toward a genuinely global cuisine. When chefs show interest in an unusual ingredient, we listen.

When we source an exotic or singular item, we make it a point to share our find. We hardly ignore our local treasures but recognize that remarkable combinations can come from both near and far.


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Timeless Organic Purple Barley, Semi Pearled

(GRX03) - 10 lbs

A fantastic winter grain but, until recently, a bear to cook.  Timeless now semi-pearls the barley, allowing for a cook time shorter by two-thirds. Try with lamb shanks or buffalo short ribs if you can find them.


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Barnier Oil Cured Moroccan Pitted Olives

(OL32)- 6.6 lbs

Dry-cured black olives are rich and fruity with a dense, velvety texture. Easily pitted by hand, they make a wonderful concassé or tapenade.
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Pons Vermouth Vinegar

(VN15)- 17 oz

This vinegar has a balance of acidity and sweetness that invites a broad range of uses. Catalan wines are subtly infused with aromatics that  linger in the finish. It also serves beautifully in mixed cocktails or as a base for shrubs.
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We carry three different zaatars from three different countries in the Middle East and three different heritage grits from three different counties in South Carolina.

Like a museum curator or a symphony director, a good purveyor knows that you don’t throw out the old masters but you must keep things interesting with new sounds and colors – or flavors.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for in our catalog, ask us for it anyway. It might be already in our sights.


Here’s just a few of the talented chefs that we work with and just a taste of our many favorite clients.

Val Cantu

Val M. Cantu is the chef and owner of, Californios restaurant in San Francisco’s Mission district.
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Traci De Jardins

A California native of a small central valley agricultural community, Traci Des Jardins has been a part of the San Francisco food community for 25 years and has opened many great San Francisco restaurants.
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Stuart Brioza & Nicole Krasinski

Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski are the Chef/Owners of State Bird Provisions and The Progress in San Francisco.
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