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We have assembled an inventory that reflects the irresistible trend toward a genuinely global cuisine. When chefs show interest in an unusual ingredient, we listen.

When we source an exotic or singular item, we make it a point to share our find. We hardly ignore our local treasures but recognize that remarkable combinations can come from both near and far.



(BLS12) 250 ML

In California May is peak strawberry month. There are those who think dipping them in chocolate or covering them in whipped cream is sacrilegious. That should depend on how flavorful the berry is. A delicious alternative to these is pairing strawberries with a well-aged Balsamic Vinegar. Italian chefs know that rather than masking their flavor, the sweet and acid nature of a great Balsamic somehow enhances it. We recommend this luxurious and versatile example Modena’s purple gold.
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(HAM19) 6 lb Approximate Weight

Produced from the shoulder of the fabled acorn fed Pata Negra pigs of the Iberian region. The boneless cut is dry cured in the same fashion as the considerably larger jamones (legs) and aged a minimum of 26 months.
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(RC299) 25 LB

What should rice taste like? Well if you’re lucky rice and if you’re really lucky, delicious rice. This organic product of the Sacramento Delta raises the bar for all polished rice.
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We carry three different zaatars from three different countries in the Middle East and three different heritage grits from three different counties in South Carolina.

Like a museum curator or a symphony director, a good purveyor knows that you don’t throw out the old masters but you must keep things interesting with new sounds and colors – or flavors.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for in our catalog, ask us for it anyway. It might be already in our sights.


Here’s just a few of the talented chefs that we work with and just a taste of our many favorite clients.

Val Cantu

Val M. Cantu is the chef and owner of, Californios restaurant in San Francisco’s Mission district.
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Traci De Jardins

A California native of a small central valley agricultural community, Traci Des Jardins has been a part of the San Francisco food community for 25 years and has opened many great San Francisco restaurants.
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Stuart Brioza & Nicole Krasinski

Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski are the Chef/Owners of State Bird Provisions and The Progress in San Francisco.
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