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Robin Song

By October 1, 2019June 10th, 2021Featured Chefs


Robin Song

Where Do You Work?

The Vault

What are some of your favorite Pacific Gourmet products?:

EVERYTHING. Most of our dry pantry is from Pacific Gourmet. The abundance of grains and flour from both Central Milling and Anson Mills. Countless spices that we use daily- delicious vinegars: champagne, sherry, Villa Manadori Balsamic.

Balsamico Modena Artigianale: 250ml
Sherry Vinegar 20 Year, Spain 12/750 Ml
Marcona Blanched Almonds, Spain 20/500 Gr

Why do you enjoy working with Pacific Gourmet?:

Customer Service has always been at the top. No matter who I’m speaking with. Regardless in the office or warehouse



Robin Song brings his refined yet modern style of cooking to San Francisco’s newly-opened The Vault in the Financial District. An award-winning chef, Song has honed his skills over the past 20 years in some of Northern California’s most celebrated restaurants. Song first discovered his passion for the culinary arts, including creative cooking and the rigorous structure of working in restaurants,when he took a kitchen position while studying media arts. Under the tutelage of Nathan Peterson and Louis LeGassic, Song launched his career at Bay Wolf in Oakland where he focused on whole animal butchery.Song then moved on to open iconic San Francisco restaurants such as Serpentine and Contigo as sous chef. With his career on the rise, Song was offered the opportunity to work under Daniel Patterson at PlumBar, primarily, as well as stints at Coi and Haven.He went on to work in esteemed kitchens including AME at St. Regis San Francisco, Central Kitchen, Relae in Copenhagen and Belgium’s In de Wulf. It was at Hog & Rocks in San Francisco’s Mission District where he earned recognition as a San Francisco Chronicle Rising Star Chef. Song also established the successful late-night Korean pop-up, Junju, as an exploration into his ethnic heritage, before he opened Gibson in the Tenderloin’s Hotel Bijou.Most recently, he was the executive chef at Hi Neighbor’s Stones Throw. As the executive chef of The Vault, Song lends his colorful background and deep culinary experience to the modern and elevated menu of Americana cuisine. With a focus on highlighting seasonal and local ingredients, Song offers guests contemporary and comforting dishes with subtle references to his Korean heritage.